AI Whiteboard for Business Analysts

Kia ora Everyone, Happy Thursday! Today we are going to talk about another exciting AI diagramming tool that is more like a MURAL, Miro style whiteboarding tool. Some of the feature like process flow still be a bit of work (alpha stage) but some of the other areas will take hours off your tasks. is amazing and states that it is a “Generative Ai Online Whiteboard for Interstellar Visual Collaboration” which makes me think the name is play on the word “Jedi” and this thing can do some serious AI magic.

You can sign up for free here and: “Experience Online Whiteboard with generative AI for exceptional template analysis, diagram creation, and more. Claim 10,000 free Ai Karma tokens daily and access exclusive features to elevate your projects. Embrace the future of content creation with!”

So what does it do? We have been looking into the use case every Business Analysis could use this tool for. The list is long and includes:

  • Online whiteboard for brainstorming
  • AI Process Modelling
  • Strategic planning
  • Design Thinking

Here is one of the examples we tried:

We used the Ai Recipes to generate a go-to-market-strategy with the following inputs

The output was the following diagram (with some label movement need):

Not only is the content pretty damn cool (and i don’t need to format anything), I can now a share and work on this whiteboard with my team.

I think this is one to have a serious play with and please flick me any insights you find out.

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