Certified Better Business Analyst – Level 1

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Course Description

Self-paced and supported The Certified Better Business Analyst – Level 1 Training created, review and verified by the Better Business Analysis Institute (BBAI).

A complete guide to what, how and why Business Analysis including the Better Business Analysis Framework, Fundamental Skills, The Delivery Journey and Techniques & Approaches that every Business Analyst needs.

This is ain-depth Business Analyst training which will help you get started in your BA Careers or excel in your current role.

What You'll Learn

For the Certified Better Business Analyst – Level 1 course you will need the following course materials and tools:

  • Google Sheet or Excel Online/Excel
  • Google Docs or Word Online/Word
  • Free Access to MURAL or Miro
  • Free Access to Draw.io or Visio Online/Visio
  • Pen, Paper and a Camera/phone with camera


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