The Number 1 Hack for Business Analysts – Process to Requirements Thinking (PTRT)

Are you a business analyst or agilest looking to enhance your requirements gathering skills? I highly recommend tuning in to the Better Business Analyst Podcast’s latest episode on “Process to Requirements Thinking (PTRT Modelling).”

Process to Requirements thinking is a cutting-edge requirements elicitation model developed by The Better Business Analysis Institute (BBAI). This model empowers business analysts to apply scientific thinking to their requirements gathering process. 🧠💼

Built on the foundation of design thinking, user story mapping and UML, PTRT Modelling focuses on understanding the user’s desire to complete a job, commonly referred to as “a job to be done.” It provides a fresh perspective by viewing a job as a set of process steps from start to outcome, helping analysts gain deeper insights into user needs and expectations. 📈 We then model our requirements based on these process steps🔍

By listening to this podcast episode, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and practical tips on how to leverage PTRT Modelling effectively.

Tune in to the Better Business Analyst Podcast now and unlock the secrets of Process to Requirements Thinking. 🎙️🔓

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